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About BEL

Welcome honeys! I'm Chaztity, a 26 year old Latina mami from the Bronx & passionate owner of Bel Arôme. I am a one woman business that creates handmade essentials focusing on natural skincare and crystal healing. Each product is born out of a passion for holistic wellness and a deep commitment to quality.

Countless hours are poured into researching tons of natural ingredients to learn their full potential for skin benefits. I also incorporate spiritual healing into my products, infusing them with positive energy and the unique properties of healing crystals. This ensures that BEL products are not only effective but also safe, nourishing, and spiritually uplifting.

We also offer customized products tailored to your specific needs. Whether you have particular skin concerns, allergies, or seek specific spiritual healing properties I can create a personalized blend just for you! For any inquires please send us a DM on Instagram @belarome___ or email us at belaromee@gmail.com! Thank you for supporting and for choosing natural, handmade care.

xo, Bel ♡

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What Our lucky charms say

“You have NO IDEA how insecure I have been because of this and your products are literally life changing”

Jenely B. (natural soap bar)

“Babe you did amazing, this feels so soft on my lips I’m in loveeeee!! I already put one in my work bag, one in my gym bag & the other in my vanity!”

Victoria G. (lip care)

“Love it!!!! It’s part of my skin care routine now! It feels SO smooth and lightweight” 

Kayla S. (lip care)

“I love the consistency is not too thick but it also doesn’t absorb too quickly into my lips so it still lasts and keeps my lips glossy. But it feels so hydrating & good on the lips and looks just as good as it feels! … you did your thing w thissss”

Sienna S. (lip care)

“I'm a customer for as long as you're making soaps they really have changed my skin around!”

Diana (natural soap bar)

“You have a secured client out of me for sure! I used the honey and oats rectangle bar in the exfoliating sock and my skin felt so clean without stripping! & to test out how my skin would react to the soap I decided not to moisturize and honestly I don't even need to.”

Karen S. (natural soap bar)

“I used your charcoal soap it's amazing, it's stripping my face and I love it. The marks are actually clearing up thank you so much you will ALWAYS have my support!”

Shanice (natural soap bar)

“girllllll… i HAD TO let you know that i barely got the lip gloss yesterday. i’ve been battling with chapped lips especially my upper lip for a while now and this morning it’s legit all better. i’m SHOOKED im literally so thankful.”

Jenni S. (lip care)

It's already yours.

- universe